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Glenquey Moss is saved !

Glenquey Moss is saved – Deferred Refused Dismissed!

The Quarry story summed up in 3 words Deferred Refused Dismissed!

On 27 July 2015 the Scottish Government’s Reporter dismissed Cemex’s appeal.  The Development Management Committee (DMC) of Perth & Kinross Council had refused Cemex’s planning application in November 2014.  The Reporter’s decision ended a 5 year battle to ensure the protection and preservation of a wonderfully scenic and environmentally important site in the centre of the Ochils.


In December 2010 Cemex lodged a planning application with Perth & Kinross Council seeking permission to extend their licence to extract sand and gravel at Glenquey Moss, Glendevon until 2035. Permission had first been granted in 1963 and renewed several times. The site had never been worked

In making her decision to dismiss the appeal the Reporter referred to: adverse visual impact on the landscape; erosion of tranquil qualities of the landscape to the detriment of its recreational value; adverse impact on habitats and carbon sinks, in particular the protection of peatland and said the site is not an essential part of the Council’s current land bank for minerals.

There were 3 key milestones over the last 5 years:  7 March 2012 when DMC deferred a decision,   19 November 2014 when DMC refused permission and 27 July 2015 when the Reporter dismissed the appeal.  The battle would have been lost and Glenquey Moss destroyed forever if we had not won on each of these dates!  Throughout the last 5 years the Perth & Kinross Council Planning Officers had recommended approval.  Winning was not a certainty! Losing was not an option!

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Malcolm Best
January 2016

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