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Dollar Forest timber felling May 2018

Update:  Harvesting and haulage operation on Hillfoots Hill is now likely to continue into January as opposed to the end of October as originally estimated.

Dollar Harvesting Consultation Map 2018

Our next timber harvesting & haulage operation within Dollar Forest is scheduled to commence in early to mid-May 2018 – See attached map

Harvesting is likely to effect the path network within the forest, some of which will be subject to temporary closure and diversion in the interest of public safety. Timber haulage will affect the use of the main forest road network within the forest with timber lorries regularly traveling on the forest road.
As per previous harvesting operations, we intend using the Upper Hillfoots Road as a timber haulage route to access the A91 to the east as this unfortunately is our only access route for timber lorries. The estimated volume of timber to be harvested is around 10,000 tons with harvesting expected to last between 18 & 20 weeks depending on the weather. Timber haulage will commence shortly after harvesting with haulage expected to take a similar amount of time to harvesting.  Timber haulage will be planned to minimise disruption to other road users and will avoid peak usage times.  All timber lorries will display flashing beacons when travelling on the Upper Hillfoots Road and within in the forest.  A similar flip signage system will be used as per the previous harvesting operation in 2015, to warn other road users of when timber lorries are using the road. Flip signs will be displayed to the west of the forest entrance and also where the Upper Hilfoots Road meets the A91 to the east.
A notice will be displayed at the forest entrance and on the Upper Hillfoots Road in advance of timber harvesting and haulage to warn other road users of potential disruption and to provide details of the operations.

Please contact me if you require more detail.
Bruce Spalding
Tilhill Forestry

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