Global effort to tackle climate change and associated carbon and
natural capital investment has brought a fresh focus on how Scotland’s
rural land market is changing and the potential implications of those
changes. A greater understanding and a more accurate picture of
what is happening in Scotland’s rural land market is needed to inform
effective policy and responsible practice.

The Scottish Land Commission has published (see link) a report by Scotland’s Rural College in partnership with land agents Savills and Strutt and Parker, with support from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), looking at activity within the rural land market. The report provides a current picture of land owner, buyer and seller motivations to help understand what is happening in the market and the drivers behind it.

Drawing on available market information and interviews with sector experts and land agents, this report provides new insight that builds understanding of what is happening in the market now and why.

Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

My name‚Äôs Neil and I‚Äôm the Administrator for Saving Scotland‚Äôs Red Squirrels, a project that works with partners, landowners and volunteers to protect red squirrels where they are most under threat from the spread of non-native grey squirrels. Our Central Lowlands project area (which includes areas of the Forth from Stirling over to Clackmannan) is a key area for red squirrel conservation and we are keen to build up a strong network of volunteers and stakeholders across the region. Please view this map for more details (use the ‚Äėlayers‚Äô button on the top right to select the ‚Äėproject areas‚Äô layer)

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Light on Dumyat by Rennie McOwan republished

A brand new illustrated edition of a children‚Äôs classic,¬†Light on Dumyat by Rennie McOwan, is now in its fifth edition and has been specially illustrated for a new young readership. ¬†Rennie is the founder of Friends of the Ochils. This classic tale of adventure, friendship and courage is greatly influenced by the author‚Äôs childhood. ¬†Aimed at 7‚Äď11 year olds, there are no phones or i-pads, just four resourceful children roaming free, having adventures and being at one with their environment. Light on Dumyat is the first book in a series of four and introduces the key characters, Gavin and the

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