Several forestry proposals for the Ochils have been scrutinised by your Committee and FOTO submitted comments on these to help preserve the character of the uplands, its beauty and natural capital.

Jerah representation to Forestry Commission Scotland 28 11 13

Consultation by Forestry Commission Scotland on an Environmental Statement (ES) for an afforestation project at Jerah Farm, north of Menstrie – Representation submitted by Friends of the Ochils”

Jerah submission

Gleneagles Woodland Creation Scheme

FOTO Comments to Gleneagles WCS

Response to the Blackford Farms Woodland Creation – Harperstone/Glentye, Sheriffmuir 26 11 18

FOTO comments re. Blackford FWC

Friends of the Ochils Response to Coulshill Screening Opinion Request Form V5 and Scottish Forestry’s Screening Opinion

FOTO response on Coulshill

Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

My name’s Neil and I’m the Administrator for Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels, a project that works with partners, landowners and volunteers to protect red squirrels where they are most under threat from the spread of non-native grey squirrels. Our Central Lowlands project area (which includes areas of the Forth from Stirling over to Clackmannan) is a key area for red squirrel conservation and we are keen to build up a strong network of volunteers and stakeholders across the region. Please view this map for more details (use the ‘layers’ button on the top right to select the ‘project areas’ layer)

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Light on Dumyat by Rennie McOwan republished

A brand new illustrated edition of a children’s classic, Light on Dumyat by Rennie McOwan, is now in its fifth edition and has been specially illustrated for a new young readership.  Rennie is the founder of Friends of the Ochils. This classic tale of adventure, friendship and courage is greatly influenced by the author’s childhood.  Aimed at 7–11 year olds, there are no phones or i-pads, just four resourceful children roaming free, having adventures and being at one with their environment. Light on Dumyat is the first book in a series of four and introduces the key characters, Gavin and the

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