There are 60 hills in the Ochils over 300 metres high (984 feet) with a drop all round of at least 30 metres. The hills are divided into three groups: west of the A832 through Glen Eagles and Glen Devon (containing the highest summits), east of the B934 from Dunning to Yetts o’Muckhart, and the northern group wedged centrally between these two roads. Click on the links below to find out more:

Western Ochils

Western Ochil hills PDF

Eastern Ochils

Eastern Ochil hills PDF

Northern Ochils

Northern Ochil hills PDF

There are also three other hills over 600m with a drop of 15-20 metres:

Hills over 600m

Ochil hills over 600m PDF

Stay safe in the Ochils and always take a map and compass. The Ordnance Survey website has several maps of the area available to buy online:

The Mountaineering Council of Scotland provides excellent advice on ‘Safety and Skills’ when out walking.