My name’s Neil and I’m the Administrator for Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels, a project that works with partners, landowners and volunteers to protect red squirrels where they are most under threat from the spread of non-native grey squirrels.

Our Central Lowlands project area (which includes areas of the Forth from Stirling over to Clackmannan) is a key area for red squirrel conservation and we are keen to build up a strong network of volunteers and stakeholders across the region. Please view this map for more details (use the ‘layers’ button on the top right to select the ‘project areas’ layer) –

There may be opportunities for The Friends of the Ochils members to get more involved with the project over the next few years, for example by taking part in red squirrel volunteering or reporting squirrel sightings.

We’ve produced a toolkit which includes a bit more information about what we do as a project and what communications materials we can offer. You can download a copy here –

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